Workshops for teams, clubs, companies, athletes, students, and private persons

In general, I offer live and online workshops for everyone who is interested in mental training, and I’m based in Stockholm. You can either register yourself for one of my upcoming workshops or contact me to book a workshop for you and your group. Contents of the workshops can be tailored to the needs and desires of the participants. These can include, for example, the following topics:

  • Coping with stress and pressure situations
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Emotion regulation
  • Self-talk regulation
  • Mindfulness training
  • Dealing with performance anxiety
  • Teambuilding
  • Self-leadership training
  • Communication training
  • Personality development
The individual setting

In the individual setting, both online and live, establishing a trusting framework that provides the basis for transparent and honest communication is important to me. The respective needs of athletes, coaches, students, or private persons receive my highest attention and priority. Therefore, working independently and autonomously is essential to me. Accordingly, my communication approach is based on the client-centred principles after Carl R. Rogers; congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard.


Upcoming Workshops: